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  • Multidisciplinary team approach
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  • Winner of numerous national awards
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Press Releases

Protecting Paradise: From Ameba to Zika - 8/10/2016

Public health epidemiologists currently face the threat of novel diseases, prepare for emergency responses, and investigate disease outbreaks. The Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology, contracted with CIMES to assist them in developing an innovative statewide conference targeting epidemiology competencies.



Environmental Public Health Tracking System Training - 8/10/2016

CIMES developed a face-to-face workshop and Web-based training for the Florida Department of Health’s Environmental Public Health Tracking website.

The workshop was developed to introduce the new Tracking website to County Health Department (CHD) staff and other interested parties engaged in activities related to environmental health monitoring.


Software Solution for Complex Accounting - 8/10/2016

The Central Accounting Services Unit (CAS) at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is responsible for verifying the Local Health Departments’ (LHDs’) expenditures, confirming that the LHD has appropriately calculated the Indirect Cost Rate (ICR), and issuing official correspondence documenting the approved ICR.





Florida ExpertNet Cited in National Study of Innovation Exchange Web Portals

Florida ExpertNet is featured in "Best Practices of Creating Innovation Exchange Web Portals Across the States" May 2016 report by Cleveland State University. ExpertNet is a leading expertise system in a growing national trend. The portal includes researcher information from all 12 public research universities and 2 private research universities. The ExpertNet database includes: faculty experts and their funded research projects, specialized centers and institutes, licensing and commercialization opportunities, speakers on a variety of topic and Postsecondary education programs. Florida ExpertNet is operated by CIMES in partnership with the State University System of Florida Board of Governors. More



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