About CIMES Overview

Who We Are

CIMES is a multidisciplinary consulting and technical center that serves both public and private agencies. Based at Innovation Park, in the Florida State University (FSU) research and development complex, we have managed hundreds of externally funded projects totaling $30 million.

Since 1978, our organization has been providing cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet a wide range of needs. As an applied research facility, we do more than provide products and services–we help organizations inform and better serve people.

Our record speaks for itself. We are a proven problem solver for Florida government in diverse areas: public health, education, environmental protection, and more. But our reach also extends across the country: California, Nebraska, and Maryland rely on CIMES as a strategic partner for developing complex IT systems.

As winner of numerous national awards, we have helped state agencies and non-profit organizations serve populations such as refugees; K-college students, parents, teachers, faculty, and administrators; city, county, and state officials; and the general public.

Our capabilities include:

  • developing knowledge management and web-based systems
  • providing clearinghouse services
  • developing marketing campaigns
  • designing training programs
  • creating print and multimedia materials

We adapt to meet your needs, providing anything from a single component to a comprehensive turnkey solution. That's why our clients return to us–we provide solutions.

CIMES Timeline

1972: The Florida State University created the Career Education Curriculum Laboratory (CECL) to assist the Division of Vocational Education with establishing career education in Florida.
1975: The organization changed its name to the Career Education Center (CEC), and added to its mission the goal of becoming a "leader in the development of competency-based instructional materials."
1977: The CEC changed its name to the Vocational Education Center.
1979: The organization changed its name to the Center for Studies in Vocational Education (CSVE).
1983: The CSVE became the Center for Instructional Development and Services (CIDS). The mission shifted to "providing public and private agencies in Florida and throughout the nation with high-quality instructional products and educational services."
1992: CIDS became the Educational Services Program (ESP).
2003: ESP changed its name to the Center for Information, Training, and Evaluation Services (CITES).
2008: CITES reorganized into two new centers, the Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) and the Center for Advancement of Learning and Assessment (CALA).

Our Highly Trained Staff — The Right Team of Experts for You

Our major asset at CIMES is our professional staff. Throughout our history, we have maintained a remarkably stable staff of dedicated employees. Most of our employees have been with us for at least 8 years, with an average of 20 years on the management team. This dedication and stability makes it possible for us to ensure that multi-year contracts can be maintained at a high-quality level and completed on time.

We are known for our teamwork and our ability to deliver customized products and services. For each project, we select a team of experts from the CIMES in-house staff:

  • Information managers
  • Web application engineers
  • Instructional designers
  • Trainers
  • Writers and editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Media-production specialists

The CIMES team listens to your needs, working closely with you and involving you in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of your project.

CIMES can also tap the expertise of Florida State University's 17 major academic divisions to turn research into practical, customized solutions for you.

Client-Centered Services

CIMES operates four major sections to provide our clients a full range of customized products and services.

1. Information Management and Technology

Nationally recognized for our state-of-the-art products and services, CIMES information management and technology professionals provide customized information-communication products and services using leading technologies. We

  • collect and analyze information.
  • conduct information audits.
  • develop best practices collection and management systems.
  • provide library planning and development.
  • provide library automation and hosting services.
  • develop information-communication systems.
  • provide material development and distribution.
  • provide Web-based inventory management.
  • provide information systems design, development, and operation.
  • develop and conduct outreach and networking campaigns.
  • design and develop information systems.
  • design information architecture blueprints.
  • provide collaborative and social networking tools.
  • provide information technology strategic planning.
  • provide business process analyses.
  • provide Web support and hosting.

2. Clearinghouses

The design and operation of customized clearinghouses has been a cornerstone of CIMES since 1978. We are a leading supplier of clearinghouse services for state government and nonprofit organizations, focusing on a diversity of issues. We have the proven capacity to

  • operate and manage information and referral centers.
  • design, develop, and coordinate information systems and technology services.
  • develop and implement marketing, conference, and outreach support.
  • provide research and technical assistance.

3. Instructional Design and Training

CIMES instructional designers use the instructional-systems approach to achieve your training objectives. We can work with you to

  • conduct a needs assessment and task analysis.
  • develop goals and objectives, an instructional analysis, content outlines, and delivery methods.
  • search, review, and select or develop materials and conduct field trials of the materials.
  • deliver in-service training.
  • conduct evaluations of the impact of instruction and training on learners, organizational performance, customers, and strategic goals.
  • provide training development and delivery.

4. Marketing and Product Development

CIMES can develop and implement large-scale public education campaigns from research and planning to monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on campaign results. We can work with you to

  • identify target audiences.
  • develop an information-communication system.
  • establish linkages with selected organizations and individuals.
  • coordinate workshops, information-sharing sessions, and web meetings.
  • provide training and technical assistance.
  • develop conference presentations and exhibits.
  • monitor and evaluate.

CIMES provides a full service production team (information managers, writer-editors, visual designers, and Web engineers) and can carry a product from concept to completion. We can produce

  • educational and training, public-relations, and informational materials.
  • manuals, guides, and workbooks.
  • catalogs and directories.
  • flyers, brochures, and posters.
  • newsletters, journals, and bulletins.
  • exhibits and conference items.
  • status reports, research reports, and annual reports.
  • multimedia.
  • podcasts.
  • e-learning modules.
  • wikis, blogs.
  • Web sites.
  • statewide public-awareness campaigns that include PSAs for radio and television, news releases, billboards, and other media.