Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the funding for your organization?

CIMES is part of The Florida State University (FSU), yet we are self-supporting. Public- and private-sector organizations hire us to help them find cost-effective solutions. We serve as an outreach arm of the university, bringing to every project a dedication to public service. Most of our contracts come from State of Florida agencies, but CIMES also receives funding from federal agencies, local governments, other universities, and private for-profit and nonprofit firms.

Are your offices located on the FSU campus?

Our offices are on FSU’s Southwest campus at Innovation Park, Tallahassee’s high-tech research park. CIMES is in 210A Sliger, on the second floor of the building that houses the university’s supercomputers and network services.

How many staff do you employ?

The number and composition of the CIMES staff varies according to the number and nature of the projects we conduct.

Suppose specialized services are required to meet our needs. How can you accommodate us?

The CIMES staff is organized around generic service areas that can handle any subject matter. However, we can meet special requirements by hiring staff with specific talents. Being part of FSU gives us immediate and easy access to a broad array of talent among FSU faculty, staff, and students and at the other institutions in the Florida State University System.

How do you calculate the charges for a contract?

All CIMES charges are based upon specific tasks the customer requires. Because CIMES is a nonprofit organization, we do everything at cost. Our hourly rates are normally much lower than you would expect for the specialized talent we bring to each project. The lower rates mean that our customers can generally receive more for less.

Are your contracts performance-based?

Whether an agreement is fixed-fee, cost-reimbursable, or a purchase order, all of our work is done on a performance basis. We have a three-decades-long reputation for delivering on time and within budget.

What is your indirect charge rate?

FSU has an established indirect rate for State of Florida agencies of ten percent of the total direct costs. For all other public or private entities, the FSU indirect rate is 26 percent, unless otherwise specified in a request for proposals.