Services Instructional Design and Training

The instructional design and human performance team at CIMES is dedicated to creating learning materials and training courses that are efficient, engaging, and effective. We’ll help you identify innovative ways to visualize, create, and deliver learning opportunities that are problem-centered, peer-interactive, and technologically-enhanced.

Our priorities are finding creative ways to teach skills and knowledge based on the problems that learners will encounter in the real world; applying and practicing what has been taught in a collaborative environment; and translating deep learning to actual on-the job performance. In doing so, we seek to utilize a variety of rich media elements, social networking, and knowledge management technologies to create dynamic learning environments.


As learning and information specialists, we provide a one-stop service that includes research and needs analysis, instructional design, curriculum development, rapid multimedia development, training delivery, performance assessment, learning management, and community building.

Research and Needs Analysis

Our instructional design team uses needs analysis and well-established research methods to identify targeted competencies, i.e., knowledge and skills that will be developed during training. These methods include extensive literature reviews, focus groups, interviews with subject matter experts, surveys that involve employees at various levels in the organization, and analysis of existing training materials.

Instructional Design

Our goal is to identify the most effective instructional strategies for developing the desired competencies. The CIMES team is highly trained in various instructional methods for developing different types of knowledge and skills. We recommend instructional approaches based on proven effectiveness while taking into account your objectives and organizational culture.

Curriculum Development

Working in close partnership with your subject matter experts, we will develop training content that targets the desired competencies. We believe in developing a curriculum that meets your organization’s evolving needs and leverages any past investments you may have made in training materials.

Rapid Multimedia Development

CIMES is comprised of dedicated and multi-talented individuals with diverse expertise including information management, instructional design, animation, simulation, writing/editing, graphic design, media production, and application development. This enables us to quickly assemble teams for various projects that meet your organizational needs.

Training Delivery

Our versatile project teams can design, develop, and deliver training materials through various forms and delivery channels – print materials, workbooks, job aids, CD/DVD-ROMs, podcasting, online help systems, social networking, and learning management systems.

Performance Assessment

A solid and proven assessment framework is employed that is based on evidence of performance to evaluate trainees and job outcomes. This involves using performance goals to determine desired competencies, followed by the identification of observable and measurable performance indicators or outcomes. We work closely with subject matter experts to identify performance rubrics that can be used by your trainers and managers to evaluate performance. The information derived from such assessments can then be used to provide reliable and valid feedback to employees, as well as identify their areas of weaknesses and strengths.

Learning Management

In many organizations, successfully completing a training course becomes part of an employee’s work record and skills profile. For the organization, training involves managing the courses offered, tracking employees’ progress and performance during training, and providing additional tools and resources to facilitate learning. In addition, organizations must manage the collaborative environment that engages trainees and contributes to the sharing of expertise within the organization. Our extensive experience in building expert information systems enables us to customize learning management systems to fit your specific needs.

Community Building & Knowledge Management

Organizations preparing for the challenges of the 21st century are becoming increasingly aware of the need for knowledge sharing and knowledge management. Workers are also relying more than ever on informal learning. These trends require knowledge workers who are dispersed over a wide geographical area to increasingly rely on technology to communicate, share knowledge, mentor, coach, and collaborate with one another. We can help your organization set up the infrastructure to build communities of practice and train facilitators to encourage peer interaction among your employees.