Services Information Management and Technology

CIMES' wide range of information management and technology services is backed by years of experience developing information strategies and the systems to support them. We provide customized information-communication products and services using leading-edge technologies. To fulfill the research mission of Florida State University (FSU), our staff of information managers and engineers is committed to using current applied research and remaining at the vanguard of the information industry.

Our highly skilled team of information managers, Web application engineers, network administrators, and visual designers, provide our clients with solutions, using the most up-to-date technology.

From Web-based portal and knowledge management systems to stand-alone databases, we have the skills and experience necessary to manage, develop, and operate efficient and reliable information systems. The California Department of Health trusts the quality of our management and development processes so much that it awarded us a five-year contract to develop a statewide portal for its tobacco control program.

Information Management

Access to information organized in a meaningful way is pivotal to making good decisions and policies. The Information Management section provides comprehensive services for the identification, acquisition, organization, development, and dissemination of information and resources for any industry or initiative including:

Information Collection and Analysis

Our experienced information managers can conduct a comprehensive search of existing resources (online and manually) to identify and acquire all items related to your research topic. With subscriptions to major online database vendors such as Dialog, we have access to hundreds of databases that contain full-text documents not readily available on the Web.

After we've identified and acquired all the relevant materials, the review-and-select process can begin. We can help you coordinate and conduct this process (face-to-face or using the Web) in collaboration with your team of subject-matter experts and our field-validated systems and procedures.

The final products of this process may include an annotated bibliography of selected items, indexes (subject, format, or others), resource guides, and matrices.

Content Management Planning and Implementation

We can help you develop and implement a strategic plan for managing content to support the evolutionary life cycle of information within your enterprise. Our team of experts can carry your vision into action.

Information Audits

Using industry standards, we provide information audit services to evaluate the effectiveness of an existing information system or network within an organization. The final information audit report provides an evaluation of current information processes, identifies needs within an organization, and makes recommendations for future development.

Library Planning and Management

If you are thinking of creating a library or have a room full of materials that need organizing, let us develop a collection-development management plan. The plan can provide policies to establish and maintain a collection: mission, purpose, priority subject areas, selection policies, maintenance, classification, cataloging, indexing, and circulation policies.

After the plan is established, we can assist you in its implementation by creating an electronic system that integrates collection development, management, and circulation.

Best Practices

A critical component of any research and development project is the identification of best or effective practices. We can help you design and manage a system for collecting, evaluating, and publishing best practices for your initiative.

Warehousing and Distribution

Using our customized Web-based inventory management system we can help you distribute your materials by providing the following services: distribution plan development, e-commerce, inventory management, order processing and fulfillment, and mailing.

Library Automation and Hosting

We have the expertise and tools to help you implement any library automation strategy you choose.

As one of its many tools, CIMES has used InMagic® products to automate some of its library and clearinghouse functions since 1986. If you are considering using the InMagic® suite of products, let us save you time and money by providing you with database and Web hosting services that allow you to use our software and the expertise of our staff (library and information managers, database and Web developers, and network administrators, and others).

Information Technology

Information System Design and Development

Our systems are designed to provide the optimum flexibility in collecting, storing, retrieving, and managing information. No system is too small or large to customize.

CIMES can provide turnkey solutions for your information system needs. We can take an IT solution from concept to implementation and hosting. We can also provide development of user documentation and help desk support.

CIMES Web application designers and developers are highly skilled in the latest technologies and have been on the vanguard of Web development since 1993. With our broad range of capabilities, we can develop the IT solution that best helps you achieve your goals and objectives. No matter how small or large the solution, we use the same industry standards for needs assessment, design, prototyping, application engineering, quality assurance, implementation, training, documentation, and follow-up support. Some of the systems we design and manage are:

  • Knowledge and business management systems
  • Web portals (intranets, extranets)
  • Web sites (dynamic, interactive, static)
  • Database management systems

Collaboration tools (wikis, blogs, web meetings, etc.)

Let us help you connect your stakeholders with each other and critical information by designing and developing a customized information communication system that standardizes the collection and tracking of information and provides a communication mechanism for the sharing of information and collaboration in real time.

It can be very costly for individual organizations to host even one and especially a suite of communication-collaboration tools. We can provide you with all the tools you need to for creating e-forums, chat rooms, blogs, and for conducting meetings or workshops via the Web.

Business Process Analysis

Using industry standards and project experience, we have developed proven tools and systems to help our clients decide on the content, design, and functional requirements for creating customized systems. Using field-validated procedures, we guide you through a structured process to determine the detailed requirements of the proposed system.

Information Architecture

Our highly skilled team can create a blueprint for structural design of shared information environments to support access and usability.

Web Hosting and Support

CIMES provides comprehensive Web support and hosting services to create a seamless transition from development to operation. We maintain a high level network of computers and services that meets the IT standards and recommendations for optimum services and security. We also provide help desk support and user documentation development services.

Our servers are at our office in Innovation Park at Florida State University (FSU). They are in a locked area with 24-hour security. We provide high-speed access at T-1 bandwidth or better. We have a Watchguard Firebox 700 firewall for protection from outside sources. We use a suite of Norton anti-virus software for additional protection. Our data are backed up daily, weekly, and monthly with the weekly back up stored at an off-site location.

We can also provide you with a comprehensive data report in real time that tracks who is using your site and how they are using it.